Why Work with Hana

Measurable Improvement Results

As Goal & Results oriented & People oriented person, Hana measures the baseline and the improvement made. 

This goes with Agile maturity, Coaching , Consultancy and R&D assignments.

For Agile Coaching, Hana has method of measuring Agile maturity and roadmapping the improvements opportunities for teams & organisations. 

For example, in one of the Agile transformation that Hana has contributed to, the Agile maturity of teams went up 3-3,5 time. This reflected backed through increasing Team happiness, the shorten of Lead time from product idea to delivery, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Coaching should be a measurable Goal-oriented process. In the Coaching methods that Hana uses for Individual, Team, Leaders, measurement toward the goal is a part of the process. 

Transformational Systematic Approach 

What make Hana''s Approach special is her Systematic approach, with combination of: