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Career Transition, Role Transition

The Success Formula

Embarking on a transformative journey spanning 18 years, I've worn many hats – from project manager to program manager, from teams manager to coach, from individual coach to teams coach, from mentor to leadership coach, from trainer to combination of mentor, trainer & coach, from leading multinational teams to entrepreneurship.

Each role transition marked a pivotal chapter in my life, personally & professionally. Reflecting on these shifts, a revelation struck me: the first 60 days in any new role significantly shape success.

Driven by this insight, I meticulously dissected my transitions, discovering a proven pattern. I crafted a simple yet powerful process – let's call it the 'Successful Role Transitioning Process.' This method catapulted me into new roles with swift success consistently.

Take my shift to team management, where the leap from high-performing individual to inspiring high-performing teams was colossal. I recognized the challenges faced by first-time managers and committed to supporting them.
As a Coach and Team Coach, I've had the privilege of continuously guiding first-time managers into leadership roles.

The secret weapon?

My 'Role Transitioning Process,' a game-changer.

Many leaders I coached continuing to growth their impact from first time manager to leading multiple teams, and some of them found another opportunity where their happiness, wellbeing, passion and career growth can co-exist and combined.

Why share this success secret?

Startlingly, 60% of managers falter in their first 24 months. I'm on a mission to change that statistic. By spreading this knowledge, I aim to empower more aspiring leaders to triumph in their roles.

So, here's my humble contribution :

The Exclusive:
‘Triump Leap: Transform Now’

spanning 8 weeks, only 10spots available 

Join me on this transformative expedition, where you'll experiment with this proven process, unlocking your growth and success. My goal is to empower you to pay it forward, creating a ripple effect of success in every aspiring manager or leader's journey.

The condition of joining: After seamlessly integrating the process into your transition, you'll become a guiding light for at least 1 person navigating their career transition.

Unlocking transformation demands a shift in mindset and habits, calling for humility, courage, and discipline. Success come from consistently work with continuous reflection and improvement, enrol only when you are ready to do the heavy lifting work.

Seize this opportunity to elevate your career , and let's shape a community of thriving leaders together!

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