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Is Your Company Leader or Follower?

Apple has changed the world with its ground breaking Innovations such as: AirTags, AirPods, Apple Watch, Siri, iPhone, Ipod.

And it is not by chance, it is the culture that created, shaped by its leadership - with the well-known Steve Job saying

''Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower''

So Question to You as Manager, Leaders, Executive, and Team member,:

''Is Your Organisation a Leader or a Follower''?


'How are you going to cultivate & increase Innovation for your organisation?'

Part 1: It starts with Leadership, with You

In previous articles, I shared on the Organisation Results & Culture, and How Leaders, Managers can influence the Organisation.

So Let's take a closer look at You as Leader

+ Do you welcome, seek and learn from Feedback/ FeedForward?

+ Do you seek collaboration?

+ Are you practicing being Empathetic?

+ Do you embrace experimentation & interate?

+ Do you get inspired by success of others?

+ Do you embrace new things & challenges?

If the answer is No, It's time to be the courage You - look in the miro & challenge Yourself.


Part 2: It starts with Your Manager, Lead

Sadly, it happens so often that a new person is promoted /made to become Manager without training, mentoring & coaching.



Part 3: It starts with Team and Team member

Let's face it, Leaders are not Super Fairy who can ''Do it all'' for everyone.

Many Managers, Leaders actually 'inherit' the existing teams, organisation, culture, when they come in (for better or worse).

And Let's deal with it, It is difficult Changing teams, organisations and culture that exist & evolved long before you came in.

It would be very interesting to see how much of a leader/ manager behavior is influenced by surrounding group/teams.

In Asch Conformity Line Experiment, Psychologist Solomon Asch study result in one of the most important breakthrough of social psychology:

Group dynamic & conformity

Solomon study results :

=> What does this mean in Teams & Organisation context?

In my opinion, Teams & Team member can make differences to some extent.

What IF

Magnify examples of this group dynamic & behavior?


==> SO Are You In for a small experiement ?

to see if You as individual can Really make differences.

=> if you tried it, would you mind sharing with me how it went?