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2' Read: Organisation Chart Reflect Challenges 

One of the first things that I do as Organisation, Leadership & Team coach, when getting to know the organisation is : Exploring the Organisation chart & Architecture overview.


Organisation chart & Architecture overview will very much reflect how the organisation , teams are organised, as well as what the inter-dependencies/ challenges are.

It also reflects which challenges most of the teams have in common.

In Organisational Design, we talked about 7 common type of Organizational Structures

1.      Hierarchical

2.      Functional

3.      Horizontal or flat

4.      Divisional (market-based, product-based, geographic)

5.      Matrix

6.      Team-based

7.      Network

(Some suggested 8 or 10 types)

There are pros & cons for each of these org structure. And on the workfloor these pros & cons are observable in various cases, places.

Which Organisation structure does Your organisation have?


How does it relate to Challenges that You & Your Teams have?

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