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2'' Read: Longlasting Behavior change

How Individual, Teams & Stakeholders coaching go hand-in-hand

In context of Individual behavior change/ personal development, and Individuals/Teams/Organisational changes, Kurt Lewin’s behavior model very much explain beautifully & simple how to create long-lasting behavior change.

It's simple - but not easy:

To Change B(behavior), P (Person) or/and E (Environment) need to change. And when both Person & Environment are changing, the Behavior change is enforced & speeded up.

Doing something differently once or twice can be easy, It is more challenging to do it consistantly & improve over time. The act of consistantly repeat/iterate on the new behavior will make it a new habit over time.

Personal development / Individual Coaching

The model points out one of essential elements to make changes stick:

+ Building in support/ circle/system in the environment

Which is why I often ask the coachees in One-one coaching who/what can help/support them building on/practicing the change.

Team, Leadership Team, Leader Coaching

In Organizational context, the factor E (Environment) is extremely important to successful & longterm behavior changes.

Next to one-on-one coaching, Coaching through feedforwards of their teams, stakeholders, & peer-coaching are needed to create environment that nurture the changes that Leaders, Teams are going through.

Which is why I often combine in building longlasting organisation behavior change.

There is Legend of Mencious'' Mother moving Three times, very much demonstrated how Changing E (environment) can have long lasting impact on Individual's behavior.

Mencius was a Chinese philosopher who was the most famous Confucian after Confucius himself.

Mencius mum raised him alone, as Mencius father died when he was very young.

At first, they lived next to a cemetery in which funerals or religious activities were hold nearly every day, where the mother found her son imitating the paid mourners in funeral processions. Therefore, the mother decided to move.

The 2nd Moving was to a market in the town. There the boy began to imitate the cries of merchants. Mencius shaped clay into small piggies, cut them apart with a toy knife, and then hawked the 'meat' everywhere. His mum was upset & decided to move again.

The 3rd Moving was next to a school, in which all they saw was people treating each other politely, and all they heard was the sound of reading. At the first day of every month, officials, scholars and all students went to Confucius temple to learn and discuss the Confucius's theories. Inspired by these, Mencius naturally started to imitate the courtesy behavior and study habits of the students.. His mother decided to remain, and Mencius became a scholar''



 Who/What Can Support You in Your changing Process?