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What can You do Today to BE more like Your Hero(es)?

Giving initative : 

'Transformational Leaders Coaching Experience' 

What can YOU do today to BE more like Your Hero(es)? 😍

Today to Be more like my hero, I start this Giving initative : 'Transformational Leaders Coaching Experience'

Available for 6 (informal) Leaders, 3 months, Free


Because it is already hard being (informal) leader, and it even takes more courage & effort to step out of comfort zone.

The requirements are simple. If your answer is yes to all 5 questions, pls PM me via linkedin with: ‘’Yes, I am’’

👉   You are entrepreneur, executive/manager/(informal) leader?

👉  You are Coachable ?

👉  You Want to become More, but currently struggling (stuck) ?

👉  You Want to Invest 9hours in Yourself upcoming 3months (3h/month)?

👉   You Follow Up with Insights learnt during process?

Sign in period: 22/2-8/3.

If you know someone who can benefit from this Giving experience, please feel welcome to share.

What can YOU do today to BE more like Your Hero(es)?


My parent is my hero.

They are the generation at the end of the war in Vietnam. The Generation carried the responsibilities of defending the nation, building up after extreme destruction – at the same time recovered themselves from war wounds and helping others.

They are my hero because they always find a way to thrive & enjoy loving life -with very little that they had, and at the same time GIVE others opportunities to grow and transform their life.

Giving is still the thing they do, till now. Both of them were teachers & entrepreneur at the same time.

In that period teacher was paid with almost nothing, to be able to stay as teacher & helping out her students, my mum worked 3 other types of jobs around the clock with 4-5h sleep/day. She helped her students not only at school – but also outside school. Many of her students still come back to thank her with their whole family, as her advices & counselor have changed their life for the better. Many of them became very successful business owners, School principals, Leaders, Teachers.

My dad started his construction company, next to his job as professor. One of the first construction companies in the area. At some point he has up to +500employees working with him fulltime. With his team he has built thousands houses for people & many schools. He did not make a lot of money with his work, it’s rather community work in which he built up houses for people & schools for kids. Also during this period, he gave jobs to hundreds of people. Of these people, many have developed their own companies in return, and some of them still thank him till this day living in the house that he had built for them.

As part of Family Giving Tradition, I am in ICF coach community for social-impact projects, as well as the Siemens Empowerher Program. And as Trainer of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Leadership, I am part of this Giving back Initiative as well. Marshall Goldsmith :Thank you for sharing & make it possible for us to join!

And this Giving initiative is my next step to be more like my hero.