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2' Read: Organisation Beliefs system

Organisation Beliefs system modeling the ‘Care takers’- the Leaders

In previous 2' read ''Organisation Culture, why bother changing'' I wrote about Organisation Culture is the Living Belief system that directly drive the Results (Outcome) of companies.

I bet that some of you already have this question:

Who/What Can Influence (shape) the Living Belief system of organisation?

So, From Whom does the organisation beliefs system Observe & Modeling from?

So whether organisation like it or Not ...

=> Who are Power (Authority) Figures in an Organisation?

For those of us who have (take-care of) kids, we know that the kids ''Monkey see Monkey Do''

=> It's not just what we said we do, It is WHAT WE BEHAVE that they imitate.

So now you know, why Great Leadership ''Lead by Example''

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