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Organizational (re)Design

 a systematic approach to pursue Organisation Strategy & achieve goals

Organisational Design (Org. Design), What is it?

''Organizational design is the process of designing your organization to achieve desired results by aligning key elements of the organization: work processes, structure and governance, information and metrics, people and rewards, continuous improvement and leadership and culture, in a way that supports your strategy'' (

In another words, Org design is the blueprint of how you & your organisation will fulfill Org goals.

Why Org Design?

''in 2003 Nitin Nohria, William Joyce, and Bruce Roberson published their study of 200 management techniques reveals surprising results:

''Most management techniques have no direct impact on superior business performance. What does? Mastery of business basics

=> To sustain superior performance, you have to excel at 4 primary management practices—strategy, execution, culture, and structure—and any 2 of 4 secondary practices : talent, leadership, innovation, and mergers and partnerships.''

How do you translate the long-term strategy to the execution, culture and structure of organisation?

This is the question that often management & C-level have to deal with.

Symtoms of possible Organisational design Misfit

Does your Organization currently align with Your Organisation Strategy & Goals?