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2' Read: 'The organization is, above all, social. It is people'​

In previous posts, I shared about Organization Culture, How great leader influence organization beliefs system, culture - hence organization results.

This all boiled down to what Peter Drucker once said 'The organization is, above all, social. It is people'.

So, When I Join/ Participate/ Contribute/ Consult/ Lead any organization transformation - whether it is Agile transformation, or Digitalisation, or Improving Performance, or Implementation of new HR/IT systems, or Data-driven organization , 3 first questions I have are:

So often, organization transformations at scale are heavily focus on 'Technology, Changes Project gantt chart, Project milestones, Checking boxes', and completely forgot, or minor attention to The People & their change Process.

In these cases, I often challenge the change team/ management with :

''Suppose, if the change plan is approved:

So, to create long-term change, start Your Organization Change with People.

After all, Organization would Not be an Organization Without People.