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The Joy of a Coach

as Leadership & Team Coach, my greatest joy is the journey of facilitating changes for leaders and teams.

It's the pleasure of Being there, Support the people we coach and Believe in their Potential, and witness their beautiful changes in process.

Change is difficult and painful process.

It requires

Therefore Coachee''s choice of making changes is a powerful and courage choice, which can be determine factor of success of a coaching journey.

It likes how a seed grows to become a plant.

Have you ever seen a seed germination process?

A seed cracking from its selve, exposing its root seeking moisture.

The process of cracking from its selve requires alot of energy and time. For some seeds, it can take weeks to crack. It requires alot of patience, care and nurture from the garderner.

In different growing phases of a plant, it needs different kind of nurture & caring. The plant grows on its own- with the nurturing of the garderner. The garderner is there to create an ideal environement in which the plant can grow and at their best. Both the plant & the garderner are learning in the process.

=> Very much like a Coaching process, when the coachee finds their own way in growing with the nurturing & support of a coach. The Coachee learns from the Coach, and the Coach learns from his/her coachee.

The journey is not lineair, it is often the combination of ups & downs, sometimes we take 3 steps forwards and then 1 step backward or vice verse.

And like the growing of a plant, there will be time when the plant is big and strong enough to grow by themselve, there is an end for a coaching journey between a Coach and his/her coachee.

It does not mean that the plant does not need nurturing and caring anymore, it just mean that it is now equiped with its own nutrious powers & strengths to move on. The garderner can still visit the plant once in a while, and the plant can still have other garderners to learn & grow.

Do you Want to experience the feeling of a Coach?

==> Try to Grow a plant from a Seed ;)