Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching

John Mattone

Ignite Your Inner core & Outer core, 

Grow Your Leadership, Build Your Culture, Drive Breakthrough Results.

John Mattone is a bestselling author, the world’s top executive coach . For the fourth time in the past five years-2019, 2020, 2021, and 2023, the research organization,, recently awarded John Mattone with the prestigious world’s #1 coaching authority ranking. 

Hana has been Trained & Certified directly by John Mattone on Intelleigent Leadership IL as Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach. 

Intelligent Leadership Coaching (IL) is  a transformative, results oriented leadership growth philosophy and process that ignites, cultivates, and polishes an individual’s heart, mind, and soul in support of creating an exceptional leadership and cultural capability in an organization. 

It is for leaders who want to become more effective, strategic, operationally focused, and balanced. It is for leaders who are striving to take control of their destiny and become the best they can be. 

The IL “Movement” began in 2010. Since then, John Mattone’s IL coaching philosophy, process, and tools have transformed the lives of nearly one million people and impacted the success of thousands of organizations from every corner of the globe—53 countries to date. 

IL coaching philosophy & process has been used by 450 global executive coaches and 25 of the world’s top CEO’s and government leaders, included late Steve Jobs and the former legendary CEO of PepsiCo, Roger Enrico .