Meet Hana 

My mission is:

 'Making Positive Differences Together through Transforming Leaders, Teams and Organisations'

Hana is an open, curious, focus, perseverance, goal & result oriented People person, who believe in the power of Teamwork & life long learning. 

She genuinely believes that You can become More and

  Together WE CAN make positive differences.

Hana has worked 10 years as Management Consultant with +300 international companies.

In last 7 years, she has contributed in various organisation transformation as Leadership, Team & Organisation coach, and Agile Coach.

She was Speaker at Talent Development Forum, Next Learning Conference, Women in Tech Global.

Why I do what I do

I grew up in Vietnam in the period after the war. I am lucky and thankful of being raised by generous, entrepreneurial parents. At very young age, I was already fascinated & inspired by the positive social impact that my parents made helping others to change for the better.

I am passionate about the combination of: helping others to change, making positive social impact and helping organizations to grow. In 2006 I joined Dutch consultancy company VCT with the mission to help bridging business between 2 countries: The Netherlands & Vietnam. This later has expanded to difference countries in Europe & Asia.  After almost 2 years, I came back to Vietnam & led the country unit in Vietnam. VCT has become the market leader for business relationship between The Netherlands & Vietnam, and made huge  positive impact on economic relationship between 2 countries.

In 2016 I joined Green valley  with the mission of helping government, semi-government organisations in their digitalisation journey. During the period at GreenValley I contributed to their Agile transformation & the professionalisation of projects & resources planning.

And since then it's been my joy & pleasure of helping Leaders, Teams & Organization to ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS and BECOME MORE,  through sustainable process and behavior changes, and building high performance teams, organisations.

Hana is Certified as: